Institutional-grade infrastructure for digital asset derivative trading.

Kemet provides the first true institutional single-access point into the digital asset derivative ecosystem.
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The new standard.

Access the best liquidity venues for options, futures and perpetuals across CeFi and DeFi from a single access-point. Manage your trade-lifecycle across the entire digital asset derivatives ecosystem like never before.
Built for Institutions
Kemet is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding TradFi and crypto-native institutional market participants. Kemet's proprietary data model eliminates contract non-fungibility and delivers the first true single access-point into the digital asset derivatives space.
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Unparalleled Performance
Kemet’s state-of-the-art algorithms take order execution to the next-level. Gain exposure based on greeks, auto-hedge your deltas and deploy chase orders across CeFi and DeFi venues. Unlock cross-functional collaboration across your entire trading operation.
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Access Markets with Ease.
Discover contracts to trade across Kemet's aggregated option chain and future ladder, or simply search by venue, symbol or underlying. Our best-in-class algos ensure the highest performance at execution no matter how complex your trade is.
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Real-time risk management.
Track your firm's consolidated positions and risk metrics, as well as profitability and margin calculations in real-time. Build powerful portfolio summary views and dive deep on over 25+ data points for every position you have. Access risk-slides tailored for your portfolio.
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Unified Programmatic Access.
Full suite of API solutions available over REST, Websockets and FIX. Execute across the entire derivatives market from a single endpoint.
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Michael Lie
Head of Digital Asset Trading, Flow Traders
“Kemet, a pioneering platform designed for digital asset derivatives trading, addresses the crucial need for institutional-grade infrastructure for digital asset derivatives trading. We believe Kemet possesses the skills and experience to successfully deliver this cutting-edge solution.”
Jon Campagna
Partner, Head of Trading, CoinFund
"Managing derivatives exposure in the crypto ecosystem is difficult to say the least. Kemet provides a portfolio manager a holistic view of their derivatives exposure across the entire ecosystem allowing for more capital efficient and accelerated portfolio management."
Matt Sheffield
SVP of Trading, FalconX
“Kemet is bringing an ergonomically designed platform to the derivative trading space that I’m really excited about. The team has sat in our seat before, and knows what it takes to build an institutional grade system. ”
Moody Enaiett
Head of Middle Office, GoldenTree
“Ash and his team have always had a great vision and it’s exciting to see this vision materialize. Kemet adds efficiencies where they are most needed. “
Joshua Lim
Co-Founder, Arbelos Markets
"Kemet is filling an important niche for algorithmic execution in options and futures. Our industry is demanding more sophisticated hedging  instruments, and Kemet offers the most effective way to execute."
Akash Nath
Partner & Head of Trading, X3E Capital
"Kemet offers us a leading OEMS solution for digital asset derivatives. Most importantly, the product team is highly knowledgeable and quick to respond to our queries and predict product demand from a rapidly shifting digital asset sector."
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